Toddler Day Care & Before and After Care

If you’re looking for toddler day care or before and after preschool care, come to Future Kids & Beyond Academy of West Lake, OH. We have a variety of programs that are great for children of all ages. Our environment is fun, safe, and exciting. Your children are guaranteed to feel safe and secure while learning and playing. Our daycare for toddlers is a great environment where there are activities that your toddler will love. We have all the latest and greatest equipment for children that make our daycare center even more fun and exciting. Every activity is sure to teach and challenge every child. Each program is specifically designed for each age group. They focus on the needs and abilities of each age group. We make it our goal to have a great personal relationship with not only the children but their parents as well. We cater to all the communities around us, including Rocky River, Lakewood and all areas around them. 

Future Kids & Beyond Academy of West Lake, OH ensures that every child can make it to the facility by providing transportation. We also have a nutritious meal prepared for each child while they are here for the day. For those parents that need pre-school care for both before and after school, we have an excellent before and after preschool care program. For toddlers, we have a toddler daycare program that every toddler is sure to enjoy. We want all children to be excited about coming to spend the day with us. We make sure that our environment is comfortable, safe, and secure so all children can relax, play, and learn. Our staff are seasoned professionals and are trained and educated for children of all ages. You will also enjoy talking with our office staff when you call to schedule a consultation and a tour. Call us today.